We've spent the last few months refining Western Kingdoms. While much has changed, much also remains the same. I'll start by addressing what's the same.

  • Original stories will continue being published.
  • We're still working on our large projects (Within the Four Seas and In Saltcross). I'm currently taking a one-story long hiatus (I just can't keep typing two word-long names), so don't expect anything from Within the Four Seas. Wesley's almost done his next story, though, which takes place only a few years after The Sinister Secret of Sinismanor, so look out for that!

Now, what has changed.

  • No further Dungeons and Dragons homebrew will be published. The balancing, working out of new mechanics, and flavour text writing that is homebrewing just takes up too much of our time, and we're going to focus on what we're better at (i.e. stories), instead of doing many things we're only mediocre at.
  • For the website formatting, we have abandoned the code-heavy Gatsby, and use instead Ghost. It's much easier, and allows us to focus on prose rather than programming.
  • Many of our older stories have been pulled from the website. They're pretty shoddy quality, and we're going to put them through extensive edit before republishing them here.

So that's all for now. Stay tuned for more!