Notes: One of my first stories was about a bunch of spy dogs, this takes place in the same setting, however an assassin cat was inspired by a cool picture I saw.

One peaceful day, in the streets of Pond Dry, a cat named Domestic looked out of the window. He owned a musket, and he knew the tips and tricks of assination. He then leaped from the windows into the open streets. The streets were lined with endless cars. The cat leaped from the roof and hit the car. He got hurt, but it was worth it since he was running late for his mission. He leaped down and swooped in a private house. It was covered in wooden bars nailed to the house windows with the sign: Keep out! Mind your own business, or Out you go! As he entered the building, a bunch of alley cats waited there.

“Late again, Domestic?”

they grumbled.

“You were late the day you first took this job, and you've been late every day since!”


Domestic shrugged.

“This time we've decided to sent you to deliver this cargo to the lord Treach a couple miles away. Don’t let anyone get it”


Domestic agreed. He looked at the cargo and it was gigantic.

“How am I going to carry this load?”

he said.

“Do you need to ask questions”

they admonished him.

“Just bring it NOW!”

Domestic took it on his back, much of the alley cats didn’t like being asked, he then leaped from the house and started walking, he then knew that there were enemies watching everywhere. Any minute some ferrets would love to take the cargo, as he dashed from alley to alley, he then looked at himself.

“What! Which subway route?”

The alley cats never told him which one so he decided to look at the options first. He had never taken the subways because all his life he took the airplanes. He then reached a subway, there were urchins and beggars sleeping in the tunnel, he then soon reached a subway. It was a bizarre sight, bulldogs, other cats, German Shepards, ferrets, and raccoons. As the subway reached there, The silver snakes roared as they soon stopped. He leaped on but the seats were taken. He climbed a pole while no one was looking and sat on the top of the subway. He saw people sleeping down there. Suddenly he felt an urge, the urge was so strong he couldn’t describe it. He then let the urge go and lead a present from below, some weird white thing came down on a man’s head! He then decided to nap, nap made things quicker, he then napped and soon fell asleep.

Beep! A noise broke the silence, he looked at the stations__it was then he realized he skipped the station, he tried to find a ride to get to the station, but where?

He saw a bunch of carrier pigeons, they charged $8 each, but he had learned that carrier pigeons where private rides. They were not licensed by the government. But on the other hand it seemed it was required to bring it quickly. He then paid the money and jumped aboard.

“Where to?”

The pigeon croaked,

“To Beardown street, 118 alley”

Domestic answered

The pigeons grasped Domestic’s back. It flew into the air, and it was horrifying! The pigeon dodged airplanes, and almost got hit by buildings. On the other hand, it was fun. The pigeons were known as bomber birds. They flew over and dropped bombs that appeared white on the city below. Suddenly the pigeon stopped.

“What’s wrong?”

Domestic said

“this is a multi-ride, don’t you know what it means?”

the pidgeon said


Domestic said

“well then, you’re going to find out”.

The pigeon threw Domestic off him


The cat screamed and was falling into the air. Just then another pigeon swooped under him and he landed on it. Now he knew what it meant, the pigeons past you along with another bird. Domestic was relieved. Just then, a bunch of rats riding vultures swooped in and aimed straight to the pigeon. The pigeon made a u-turn and dodged, but the rats were straight behind. Domestic tried to load his gun, but it was jammed. The rats were getting closer and closer until they leaped from Vulture to Pigeon. Domestic quickly whacked the Rat on the side and caused him to fall into the city below, but more rats were there.

“Bomb them now, or they will probably gain on us!”
“Sure thing”

the pigeon said

the bird zoomed straight up surprising the rats. The pigeon then froze in mid air and stopped.

“Why are you taking so long?”

Domestic cried frantically.

“It takes time you know”

the pigeon replied back.

Just then the pigeon dropped a white thing which hit the rats and engulfed them in the goop. It caused the rats to fall below.

“That was close”

Domestic said

“the Cargo!”

Domestic said frantically. Did he leave it at the subway? Or the pigeon? Or the….

”Is this yours?”

the pigeon said

“Yes thanks”

Domestic said.

Domestic soon leaped form the pigeon to the tallest skyscraper.

“At last.”

He thought Beardown street is here. He leaped to the street sign

“Now which alley?”

he said.