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Mudrend woke up. It was the next day. Mudrend walked to the dining room guided by the map. Indoran, Riverwood, Kelthunge, a scalewyrn, and a medium-sized kid were already eating. Mudrend joined them. Soon, Rubblecrash stormed into the room holding a fried bukro. Tasty, he thought. Rubblecrash cut it into 7 pieces and gave it to each of them. The scalewyrn hungrily devoured it, leaving few pieces of meat. Mudrend ate quietly, trying not to disturb anyone. He left the room and headed to the kitchen.

“No one is allowed in the kitchen.”

Rubblecrash poked his head out the door just as Mudrend was getting close.

“Mind your own business somewhere else!”


Before leaving, Mudrend caught sight of the medium sized boy he had seen in the dinning room.


the kid said to Mudrend. He looked a little bit younger, though still the same height.

“What’s your name?”

Mudrend asked

“My name is Mudrend.”

“Nayorid. I fell down here before you.”

Nayorid then left too.

After resting in his room for a few hours,Mudrend later made his way to the dining room. A crowd of rowdy bandits and scalewyrns filled the small room to the bursting point. He made his way to Indoran, Nayorid, Kelthunge, Rubblecrash, and Riverwood.

“What’s going on?”

Mudrend asked, but no one paid attention. He gave up and just listened.

“It has been the 6th attack the Rawrans have made, and this attack was among the most deadliest.”

Indoran was telling a burly man. The man had an eyepatch and was holding a curved cutlass that split in two near the end. The words "Double Slicer" were elegantly engraved upon the blade. Mudrend shivered at the word "Rawrans". They were grotesque man-fish hybrids who lived under the sea and were always raiding the land. Think ugly, slimy, claws-and-teeth mermaids.

“Well Indoran, my thugs are renting out the Sinismanor. They loot all the unnecessary belongings in this ruined manor. You get to take the things you want, and we get to take the things we want. But those Rawrans want Sinismanor. I know they will fight more to claim it.”

"That man must be the bandit captain."

Mudrend thought. He decided to try joining the conversation again.

“What’s so special about Sismanor?”

Still no response.

“Sinismanor is also well-placed for a good fortress.”

The burly man continued.

“If the Rawrans were to claim it, they could use the mansion as their base on land. What’s more, the one who rules Sinismanor gains a powerful foothold in the mainland. The Rawrans could use Sinismanor to attack the Merfolk, the Scalewyrns in their swamps, or even Saltcross itself!”

“So that means that you and I share this foothold for now.”

Indoran responded.

“But you can have Sinismanor all to yourself once I’ve found the hidden treasure trove in this old mansion.”

“What treasure?”

Mudrend wondered.

“I assume that you have improved the weapons.”

Kelthunge interjected to the burly man.

“Me and the others working for Indoran have lost many men defending Sinismanor.”

“Of course.”

The Burly man nodded.

“We have forged and smuggled hundreds of weapons to bear against the Rawrans. Of course, some of them will be given away or sold to our customers.”

Mudrend had no idea what the man was talking about. Where were the weapons? Who were they delivering the weapons to? All of a sudden a man rushed into the room.

“An enemy has appeared!”

“You go check on it.” The burly man ordered. The man left. Mudrend decided it was best to leave as well and let Indoran and the burly man talk in peace. As he was leaving, the same man ran back in, knocking Mudrend to the floor. He had a panicked expression on his face.

“What is it?”

Indoran asked. The man just pointed out the window. A giant crocodile was swimming slowly through the water. Mudrend recoiled in horror; this crocodile was gigantic. It yawned, revealing huge cone-shaped teeth. “Its just a crocodile.” The Burly man laughed, “Crocodiles like these only live in swamps, what’s it doing here?” “Maybe its hungry?” Nayorid said, “Crocodiles usually don’t come here, they stay in the swamps where they like it.” “So the croc is no worry.” Indoran said, “We can just leave it.” Even though Indoran and the Burly man weren’t worried, the man was really terrified of the crocodile. Perhaps the crocodile was a worry after all.

As Mudrend rested, he thought about how to escape. He decided to take a walk, looking around for potential escape opportunities. The roof was made of concrete, and wouldn’t be broken easily. Mudrend attempted to try to climb cracks in the walls but to no avail. They were covered in strange mysterious fungi and strange plants, which he loathed to touch. All of a sudden, Mudrend heard a sound on the roof. It could be that slime that attacked him before! He quickly backed away. Then, he heard footsteps approaching. Mudrend ducked into a corner. He stayed there, watching two unfamiliar figures walk by.

“I wouldn’t go down that cellar. Down there are sarkerquenches, which are giant pythons large enough to kill 5 of us, ambushing tunnelfangs, swoops who prey on snats and could eat you too, and arstickys who are like giant serpents which produce glue from their bodies.”

“But the cellar has so many treasures. It would make an excellent hideaway for those lake scalewyrns, as well as our crew: The Scavenging Saltshark. Besides, Sarkerquenches don't live down there. You're exaggerating."

Mudrend now desperately wanted to leave Sinismanor. he had thought the house peaceful enough, but the two that had been talking had made it seem downright monstrous. Mudrend tried climbing the walls again, but they were too slippery and slimy. He headed back to his room to think a little more.

Mudrend sat down on his bed. Mudrend had also thought of escaping. Would Indoran let him. Indoran claimed he hadn’t decided yet. The first time Mudrend thought of escaping was when he attempt to climb out of Sinismanor. But the walls were too slippery. Why didn’t he try to find another way out of Sinismanor? Mudrend decided that he would try his second escape plan. He immediately left the room. If this worked, he might be free within a couple minutes!

Mudrend walked purposefully to his destination, following Kelthunge’s map. There were 6 floors in Sinismanor: First Floor, Upper Deck, High Chambers, Siege Keep, Crate FLoor, and Caverns. The First Floor was were Mudrend was on,

“The family which lived here had a perfect home.”

Mudrend thought to himself.

"Why would anyone want to leave his house?”

He continued walking for a couple minutes until he reached a door. Guarding the door were 3 humans with strange tattoos. They looked like thugs or bandits. Mudrend decided to call them bandits.

“Hey, you.”

One of the bandits cried.

“Why are you here?”

“I’m just trying to leave Sinismanor.”

Mudrend replied. He regretted it as soon as he said it.

“Stabarrel ordered that nobody except him and his men were to leave Sinismanor.”

Stabarrel must have been the burly man talking with Indoran before. The bandit responded.

“We are here to guard to prevent anyone to spoil the secret of Sinismanor.”

“What secret?”

Mudrend asked.

“That it’s not haunted!”

The bandit shouted.

“Captain Stabarrel wants the rumours that Sinismanor is haunted to be mantained. If the authorities were to discover our illegal trade, they could send us all to prison!”

“I won’t spill anything.” Mudrend replied. Mudrend didn’t even know what illegal trade the bandits were doing.

“Stabberel ordered specifically not to let anyone out!”

Said another bandit dressed in heavy chainmail. He was thin and held an axe with the carved words: Crosscutter. Mudrend shivered at the sight of his axe.


The first bandit continued.

“Nobody leaves Sinismanor.”

“Has anyone else other than me fallen into Sinismanor.

Mudrend asked.

“Only 3. That includes you.”

Mudrend left the bandits. There was no way to convince them to let him through. He wondered who could have entered Sinismanor other than him.


Mudrend remembered. Nayorid must have fallen into Sinismanor before him. Mudrend would have to be very sneaky to escape Sinismanor.

The next day, Mudrend awoke to shouting:

“Rawrans! Rawrans!”

Mudrend opened the door. Stabarrel was shouting orders around the barracks. A bandit rushed in, panting.

“Stabbarrel, the Rawrans want to speak to the leader of Sinismanor.”

“Ha! If they want to speak to someone, tell them that I’m the leader of Sinismanor!”

Stabberel left with 5 bandits. Mudrend realized something: everyone would be engaged in the battle, giving him the chance to escape Sinismanor. He searched for another passage. He passed gangs of bandits marching off to battle the Rawrans. Mudrend turned the corner to hear a booming voice:

“I’m Sharkspear, subchief of the Rawrans. I have come here to ask the bandits to surrender or fight.”

“We choose to fight!” Stabbarel shouted back. “Sinismanor is too valuable for us to lose. Who ever owns Sinismanor could use it as a weapon to conquer the Poles!”

Mudrend listened. His instinct was telling him to run, but he stayed anyway. Mudrend knew of the continent's geography. It was shaped like a huge X. The ends of the X were called the Poles. They were the last unknown lands left in the world. Many an explorer had sailed with 12 ships full of hardend sailors, to discover what lay at one Pole or another, and never come back. Mudrend continued to listen.

“Than we, as well, choose to fight!”

Sharkspear roared.

“Rawrans! Seascales! Pirates! Attack!”

Mudrend fled! Mudrend ran up the stairs to the next floor: High Deck. He thought about jumping from a balcony to escape. But it was a long way down. Besides, even if Mudrend jumped with all his might, he would still be land somewhere Sinismanor. Sinismanor was bigger than what Mudrend had thought. A lot bigger! It was like a miniature Saltcross. As Mudrend ran up, the Sinismanor started twisting around like a labyrinth. He had never been in this area of the house. Mudrend looked at his map. Someday, he had to thank Kelthunge. This area was called The Mazy Spire. It was a perfect name for this twisty maze. But there was no time! Rawrans were invading, and the fight would reach High Deck soon enough. He continued, passing hordes of bandits charging the other way, brandishing their weapons and screaming,

"Death to the Rawrans!".

As Mudrend wandered up the stairs, he passed a window. Mudrend looked out of it to see the crocodile waiting for an opportunity to strike. He wastec no more time looking at the crocodile continued up the stairs. Groups of bandits preparing for an attack were constantly getting in his way. Mudrend dashed as fast as a rabbit and reached the next floor: the High Chambers.

The Chambers were less twisty and confusing compared to the rest of the High Deck. It was much quieter as well. The passages were enormous. Mudrend tiptoed across the tiles. A few broken beds littered the area, and Snats scurried across the floor. After a couple minutes, Mudrend left the High chambers, and onwards to the next floor: Siege Keep.

Mudrend wandered into Siege Keep. At least 22 bandits and thugs had taken position here.

“Defend Sinismanor!”

Stabbarrel and Indoran were shouting.

“Load the spears! Fire the arrows!”

Stabbarel yelled at a few bandits. They loaded their weapons.

“What are you doing just standing here?”

Indoran questioned Mudrend.

“Help load the ammunition!”

Mudrend helped load. There was strange weaponry he had never seen. He placed an enormous spear, together with many bandits, onto a huge ballista-like weapon. It had the words carved into it: seven spear launcher. It had seven slots, for seven spears. They were all connected to a huge chain, which wrapped around a wheel. One of the strongest and brutish of all the bandits cranked the wheel. After the chain was pulled as far as it could go, Mudrend watched as the bandit let go. All 7 spears launched simultaneously. Rawran shrieks broke out, earning a hearty cheer from the bandits.

“Work faster!”

Stabbarel roared.

“Bring, load, and fire as many spears as you can, and then some!”

Most of the bandits took his words to heart. They grabbed as many spears as they could carry. They loaded the spears into the launcher and let strong bandits turn the axle. Sometimes, in the chaos, only 2 to 5 spears were launched. In the worst case, they hit the bandits on the front liens. Mudrend didn’t know what to do. He couldn't find any way out from any of the floors. The way out was probably on the First Floor. But that would mean going down where the fighting was! Mudrend made up his mind to stay and help the defenders.

Mudrend carried more spears. Soon, bandits were working so hard that 18 spears were fired at once. Mudrend didn’t know how that was possible. He felt a small feel of pity for the Rawrans. They seemed so helpless against the bandits' artillery. It was then that Mudrend noticed that the Rawrans had their own fair share of big guns. They also invented a strange rocket like device. The bandits were calling it Currentpedos, or Tidalrockets. The Rawrans launched them like the spears, and the Currentpedos flew a short while before detonating. One of the Rawrans shot a Currentpedo straight at Mudrend! Mudrend ran, only for the Currentpedo land on the edge of Seige Keep.


The Currentpedo exploded! The blast blew up many rocks and instantly killed 3 defenders. 6 others fell from the tower to their deaths.


Indoran warned.

“We need to protect ourselves from those Currentpedos."

“Right, friend.”

Stabbarel responded to Indoran’s comment.

“Listen, thugs, we need to build a wall to defend ourselves from those rockets!”

At once, bandits began moving up and down, bringing bricks and rubble to build a wall. Mudrend didn’t know how they could move so fast. Stabarel split everyone in the Siege Keep into 2 teams: One team continued gathering up ammunition to fire. The other team build the wall. Mudrend was placed on the ammunition team. Unfortunately, the Rawrans began to target the ammunition team. They began shooting arrows and targeting their Currentpedos at them. Mudrend barely dodged a Currentpedo which exploded on a wall behind him, killing many. Mudrend helped carry 4 spears that he loaded on each slot. After 7 spears were loaded, the bandits fired, hitting the ranks of Rawrans below.

“Only our best bandits can crank that wheel.”

A young middlebowlid whispered the Mudrend.

“If someone else tired to crank it, their muscles would crack!”

“What’s your name?”

Mudrend asked.

“My name is Nobsnat.”

The middlebowlid answered.

It's a weird name, but it fits me since I scurry as quick as a snat.”


Mudrend responded. They continued loading.

"There are many rumors about Sinismanor."

Nobsnat told Mudrend.

"Once someone has found a rumor, it spreads very quickly."

"Rumours like what?"

Mudrend asked.

"Rumours about the Sinismanors."

Nobsnat responded.

"Some say the Sinismanors were all slain. Others say they up and left. A few say that Indoran chased them out."

Just then, a bandit holding a scimitar ran up into Siege Keep.

“Help! Help!”

“What is it?”

Stabarrel asked him.

“Rawrans! They attacked the Caverns, and it was a massacre! Those wicked Rawrans caught us by surprise and slaughtered 3 out of every 7 of us! If we don’t act soon, they'll reach Crate level in no time.”

“Then we'll send a force of men down to Caverns. The force will be a group of 29."

So Stabbarel chose a force. Mudrend was one of those picked. He shivered. What if he was killed in a battle while defending Sinismanor? If he tried to desert, the bandits might catch him. Indoran opened a hatch, which opened into a slide. The slide had conveyer belts that moved up and down through Sinismanor.

“So that’s how the bandits travel so quickly.”

Mudrend thought. He didn’t see any bandits in the High chambers, because they were taking the secret passages.

“These are the Railtunnels.”

Indoran announced.

“They help you move up and down through Sinismanor easily.”

Mudrend and the rest leapt into the tunnels.