Hungry was watching the Bullfish. He eyed it very carefully-the Bullfish hadn't noticed him yet-a big plus. Also, the Bullfish was injured from hitting a couple boats. In this world, injured creatures didn’t survive very long. Soon, sharks would come, then fish and lesser scavengers, but Hungry would be the first to eat. Hungry was hungry, all his life he had only ate slippery and slimy stuff, but a Bullfish was fat. Hungry swam quietly towards his prey, he opened his jaws as far as they would go. The oblivious bullfish was heading in Hungry's dimension. Hungry watched and leaped, swimming towards it at top speed. The Bullfish, realizing the danger at last, retreated as fast as he could. Hungry could not keep up. He aborted. Swimming away, he tried his best to put his mind away from his hunger.

"4 of every 5 hunts of predators fail,”

he thought. It was lucky if Hungry could even catch a few Zerolings, those fish-like humans who lived in aquatic caves. Hungry retreated back into his territory. His territory had a few rocks, some coral, and many fish. Hungry ignored the fish because they were so tiny that even if you ate every fish in the sea, it would fill his stomach as much as only 3 bowls of ramen. Hungry prowled his territory. Suddenly, he heard:

“Hey! a ship is here!”

Then all the sea creatures around shouted

“Let’s give it a scare!”

They all swam away. Hungry followed them-he did not want to be left alone. That way, he could attack creatures and hunt prey that came to the crowd. Bullfishes might be there, and then he could hunt them after they hit the ships. The sea monsters laughed about many things, including how scaring ships were the best.

They arrived. there was a ship alright, Hungry felt a little nervous, he usually avoided ships, because they had nets to capture sea monsters. Hungry decided to wait and let someone else go first.

"Listen up!”

Shouted the Plesiosaurus.

“This is a point game: each creature will try to make the people scared, each person scared will give you 1 point, each person that falls off will give you 2 points. Also, if you work in a team, subtract the number of creatures in the team from your score.”

“Now let the show begin!"

The Tylosaurus bellowed.

The reef sharks went first, they attacked the ships in 3 packs, they scared 2 people. 2 points for them but -3 so: 0

The Rawrans went together. They hit the ship with harpoons, then punctured a hole into the ship, the people onboard screamed. 2 fell off. “2 for me!” yelled the Rawrans hungrily. 4 points for them (fallen people count as 2 points) but -2 so: 2

Piranhas were here!

“Move away!” “Move away!”

They shouted.

“The piranhas are coming!”

A Bullfish could not escape-it was stripped to the bone. All the marine animals stayed away from the Piranhas. They were in a group of 27. They came and scared the people and made 10 of them want to jump off the boat because they were scared. 10 points for them but -27 so: 0

"The competition looks tough, but I can do better!”

Came a voice that sounded very energetic and weird. Suddenly, something came out from the depths: sulphur gas filled the sea. In the yellow smoke came a giant lamprey. It had 4 Tentacles on it, with 8 tentacles on the side of its mouth. Lining its jaws were razor-sharp teeth. It pointed a slimy tentacle and shot out an enervation ray. All the sea monsters felt their strength go out-this Allodrive was devouring their energy! The Allodrive turned towards the ships and sucked almost all the people onboard dry of energy. The Allodrive got 27 points. 27 points for it but -0 so: 27

“Not a bad move, Allodrive-but still, I can beat all of you at once!”

Came a voice from the depths of the ocean. all the monsters looked down. Rising out from the depths was a Kraken. 18 colossal tentacles burst out or the sand. Hermit Crabs and Gobi Fish were sent scurrying. The Kraken sent its tentacles into the air. 89 people fell into the ocean: 178 points. 178 points for it but -0 so: 178

“No fun-every person fell!” shouted the rest. The kraken turned to them and grappled several bullfish and reef sharks. “Run!” the rest shouted as they dashed in every direction to get away from it. They were so afraid that no one noticed the beast sink back into the depths of the sea.

Hungry swam away as fast as his fins could carry him. He didn’t notice where he was until he was near a human beach. Then a Hunter shark came by.

“What are you looking for?”

shouted a shark.

“Looking for prey,”

Hungry whispered back,

“See that strange boulder with many colourful patterns? Looks a bit tasty”

Hungry went on his own path. He had spotted a 50-pound giant fish. Hiding in the reefs as he had been taught, he lunged out and made a chomp on the fish’s tail as the fish swam towards him. He grappled the fish; it tried to run, but Hungry’s 27 cone-shaped teeth, made to tear though flesh and crack bones, held fast. After some struggle, Hungry caught his meal. He then he swam to the shore and plopped down on the sand.

“This is the life!” he said, relaxing.

He slept away from the people playing in the beach.

As Hungry woke up, he saw the Hunter shark too.

“Where have you been?”

Asked Hungry.

“I don’t know!”

The shark responded.

"I just fell asleep and let the current drift me to who knows where. I then ended up in the shore”

Suddenly the shark made a loud cough, and the following fell out:

  • 2 seals
  • A mountain goat
  • 2 ducks
  • A dead walrus and a polar bear
  • A florida alligator
  • A saltwater crocodile
  • 5 hyenas
  • 3 177-pound fish
  • 1 centipede
  • 4 cave bats
  • 6 pythons
  • 2 moose
  • 6 hippos
  • 1 meerkat
  • 1 harpoon
  • 1 bottle
  • 3 dictionaries
  • 1 shoe
  • A chunk of a ship
  • 1 knife
  • 1 gun
  • 1 car tire, and finally-
  • 1 bus

Hungry gasped. The Hunter shark said,

“I’m going near the shores”

“Are you going?”

“No thanks”

Hungry responded. The 2 marine animals swam away.